There is no Typical Day

The writing life often provokes curiosity in our non-writing friends, and it can be tricky knowing how to answer. Do we give them the unvarnished truth? No security! Blank pages staring at us! Business models in turmoil! Or do we let them believe we lounge about in our pajamas all day? Decisions, decisions…

Someone asked me recently what a typical day looked like and I started laughing. That the laughter was slightly hysterical is beside the point. Or maybe it is the point. You’ve got to be a little crazy to do this for a living.

The thing is, there is no typical day. I do the soccer mom thing in addition to writing, and those schedules – my family’s non-negotiable schedule of commitments – those are what anchor my life. Within that framework, I usually (but not always) get in:

– Two hours of writing/research for my novel
– A conference call with a client
– 3-5 hours writing for other people: corporate or non-profit clients mostly, with the occasional script doctor or original script-for-hire job tossed in.
– Coffee or lunch with a friend or colleague, where we usually come up with a project or two to work on together.
– An hour or so dealing with e-mails and filing and clearing the Cheerios and art projects off my desk — the occupational hazard of a home office.
– An hour reading blogs, sharing and Tweeting the good stuff, and trying to navigate the world of social media. I’ve got a lot to learn; one hour often wants to be two. I compromise by listening to podcasts while I make dinner.

I write at football practice, I write waiting for school to be out, I write past my bedtime, I write best of all in the very early hours before anyone else is awake.

At the end of the day, I fall into an exhausted heap. And then minions carry me to a bower, where I am fed peeled grapes and decaf iced coffee until I am rocked by the gentle breeze into a deep, refreshing sleep…

Oh, no, wait. Sorry. That last part isn’t my *typical* day, it’s my *fantasy* day. Different post entirely.


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