Murder at the Beach!


Bouchercon 2014: Murder at the Beach is two whole months away… How will I stand the wait?

In addition to the usual amazingness of the mystery world’s premiere convention, this year I have the privilege of moderating a terrific panel.  Writers of historical mysteries, Emily Brightwell, Susanna Calkins, Charles Finch, Eleanor Kuhns, and Suzanne (S.K.) Rizzolo will be discussing “Chills, Thrills and Mysteries in the 17th – 19th Centuries.”

I may swoon.

But I will try to hold it together long enough to get the discussion rolling.  I’m particularly interested in learning how they navigate the relationships between their characters — because while we are all still human beings, then as now, the lives of people in that era were so deeply circumscribed by class and gender and race.  And relative power.  That kind of story creation requires a deft touch, and I can’t wait to learn from the masters.

Plus, I want to hear how they manage to carve out time to write when there’s all that tempting research to be read…


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