Movie Making 101

Picture courtesy of BenBois and Wikimedia Commons
Picture courtesy of BenBois and Wikimedia Commons

We are thick into preproduction of my first movie, “Most Likely to Die,” and I feel like I’m getting my Master’s degree in movie-making.  Now, for the most part, I’m on the sidelines looking in.  I am super, super lucky that Mar Vista Entertainment and Snowfall Films are producing, because they’re both fabulous companies that treat writers like family.  I’ve been kept on the project 100%, doing the production rewrites and director’s notes.  So while I have no real say in the production decisions (and frankly, I want a producer with experience calling the shots, as opposed to me, with opinions galore but not much production savvy to back ’em up), I have been kept in the loop.  Breaking news this weekend: casting.

The film’s a cabin-in-the-woods horror story about a ten-year high school reunion, so most of the characters are in their late twenties.  But there is a lovely little cameo in the film for an older actor.  The producer called me the other day to say that three wonderful actors were all duking it out for the part: Anthony Michael Hall, Michael Ironside, and Jake Busey.  I nearly swooned.

We’ll know tomorrow who will play the creepy caretaker, Tarkin.  Since “Most Likely” is rather like “The Breakfast Club” gone horribly wrong (there’s even a line in it referencing the movie), my heart belongs to AMH for the role.  But any of them would be amazing.

This is the reason one makes movies.  For the little fun moments, the chance to work with fantastic actors, the little wins along the way.  I am so lucky to be part of the team.


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