About Laura


I write.  I’ve worked in theater, television, movies and news.  I have had essays and short stories published and I’m working on a novel.  I write corporate brochures and website copy.  I produced a webseries called Faux Baby about a young couple so afraid of parenthood that they decide to practice first.  On a doll.  This does not go well…

I am also the Goddess of Pitching.  I help people — all sorts of people, writers and producers, business owners, nonprofits and independent professionals — I help them talk about themselves and their projects.  That thing where you’re at a party and someone asks you, “So, what you do?” and you freeze?  I fix that.  Got a pitch meeting coming up?  Got it covered.  Unsure how to describe your services to potential clients? My niche is, no matter what you do, I can help you tap into your own genuine passion to create a connection with anyone.  It’s about being clear and engaging.  It’s about you getting heard.

There’s a lot of other stuff — books and my Gotta Minute, Mom? blog and such.  Find out more about me at my website, the hub of all this crazy activity.  And thanks for stopping by!


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