Retreat to Advance


The opportunity to go to a one-day writing retreat organized by Hedgebrook magically appeared on the horizon a couple of weeks ago. I jumped at it. A chance to spend the day writing, learning from writers, hanging out with writers? Heaven. Not to mention that I would perforce be free of other minion duties…

The day turned out even better than expected. I took a writing workshop with Sherri Smith, whose books I now must read — especially Lucy the Giant, which sounds delicious.

Hedgebrook, I have just learned, has residencies as well as master classes and workshops to support visionary women writers, so check out their website at Applications are now being accepted for next year.



Cheers, boys!
Cheers, boys!

I’m a writer. I’ve made a living writing, at various times in my life, for theater, for a current affairs show, and for hour-long television. But whether or I make a living writing, I make my life by writing. Like my family and chocolate, it’s a non-negotiable necessity.

This blog is for everyone else out there who feels the same.

I love to read blogs by other writers (and directors and artists) that give a behind-the-scenes glimpse into their process and their lives. Now, let’s face it, most of my behind-the-scenes time is spent sitting at the computer struggling to find the right words — and to keep from frittering away too much time on video games. But there are some things I do right and a ton I do wrong, so perhaps you can learn from my mistakes. Someone should.